A collaborative initiative to provide market intelligence.

Given the challenging climate in which private, independent colleges and universities must now operate, college presidents and senior leadership need a shared understanding about the real marketing challenges facing private higher education.

Two longstanding marketing consultancies serving higher education, The Lawlor Group and RHB, created Higher Ed Intelligence as a data hub and analysis resource to uncover the prevailing industry-wide forces and operational practices that impact private higher education's marketing efforts and to provide possible solutions for addressing them.

This recently completed study identified the most pressing marketing needs from the standpoint of presidents at private colleges and universities.

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Higher Ed CMO Roles Must Evolve

by Carole Arwidson
Although there is an intellectual understanding of broad marketing concepts on college campuses (including the guiding principles of the 4 or 5 P’s of marketing), the chief marketing officer’s role and responsibilities are more likely than not to be focused almost singularly on promotion.

Edupreneurial Thinking and Doing are Necessary in Today’s Higher Ed Marketplace

by John Lawlor
The Lawlor Group and RHB recently completed their collaborative survey of independent college presidents throughout the country and shared an executive summary of the findings at the CIC Presidents Institute (#2017PI) earlier this month.

Risk-Taking and Truth-Telling: Take-Aways from the 2017 CIC Presidents Institute

by Rick Bailey
This year’s CIC Presidents Institute’s concluding session featured a panel of presidents who demonstrated leadership in a time of significant transformation on their campuses.
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