About the Collaboration

Higher Ed Intelligence is a collaboration helmed by John Lawlor and Rick Bailey, founding principals of the marketing consultancies The Lawlor Group and RHB, respectively, each of whom brings more than 25 years of experience working with colleges and universities on their research, branding, strategic planning and communication needs.

John and Rick’s long history and shared expertise make them natural partners and facilitators for gathering authentic intelligence pertaining to the higher education marketplace. So when they both began observing the same patterns in their conversations with independent college presidents, they decided to collaborate on a survey of independent college presidents to measure common challenges and opportunities in the industry. The Independent College Presidents Survey was launched in 2016, and the two firms intend to further examine relevant issues and provide informed insights by conducting additional studies and activities, along with hosting interactive discussions among senior leaders of colleges and universities.

John T. Lawlor

Richard H. Bailey

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