The articles here are a compilation of reflections about the higher education marketplace, commentary about the results of the Independent College Presidents Survey, recommendations for creating marketing opportunities, and other market intelligence and solutions.

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Peeking Over the Horizon

by Rick Bailey // March 2019
“Peeking over the horizon” suggests to a glorious capacity, that of leveraging the tools of knowledge and intellectual resources to see what may lie ahead.
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THE World Reputation Rankings 2018: Top 10

by Times Higher Education // Summer 2018
This post, in which Carole Arwidson is quoted and the 2016 Independent College Presidents Survey is cited, was originally published on Times Higher Education and is reposted with permission.
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Addressing the Decline in Higher Ed's Reputation

by Michael Stoner in Inside Higher Ed // February 9, 2017
Research shared at the recent NAICU meeting shows a “listening gap” between what the public wants from higher ed—and what higher ed thinks is important.

Survey Says: Cost-Related Issues are the Most Pressing and Vexing for Presidents

by Carole Arwidson // March 2018
In back-to-back surveys with presidents of independent colleges, results indicate that market pressures are turning up the heat on them.

Being Proactive: A Habit for Highly Effective College Presidents

by Carole Arwidson // September 2017
Establishing results-driven processes can allow college presidents to proactively set the stage for both success and continuous improvement.

Marketing's Significant Role in Higher Ed

by Rick Bailey // August 31, 2017
One of the goals of the 2016 Survey of Independent College Presidents was to garner specific insight and intelligence to be utilized in actionable ways by our readers currently serving as college or university presidents.

Investing in Institutional Visibility

by John Lawlor // June 2017
Today's private college presidents recognize the need to invest in awareness and visibility campaigns that get the word out about their institution’s value proposition.

Tuition Discount Trends Indicate Need for Pricing Research

by Carole Arwidson // May 2017
Strategic brand management in today’s higher ed landscape necessitates understanding the impact of price on the value proposition and the role tuition discounting plays in an institution’s quest for net tuition revenue.

Analyzing Higher Education Presidential Perspectives

by Rick Bailey // April 18, 2017
Always curious to learn more about how higher education administrators think and lead, I was eager to dive into the 2017 IHE Presidents Survey conducted by Gallup.

Where Marketing Fits Into Your Institution’s Org Chart

by Rick Bailey // March 27, 2017
While marketing is finding increasing favor in the higher ed arena—it's practically a given—most colleges and universities are still uncomfortable with its presence and practice on campus.

Higher Ed CMO Roles Must Evolve

by Carole Arwidson // February 2017
Although there is an intellectual understanding of broad marketing concepts on college campuses (including the guiding principles of the 4 or 5 P's of marketing), the chief marketing officer's role and responsibilities are more likely than not to be focused almost singularly on promotion.

Edupreneurial Thinking and Doing Are Necessary in Today’s Higher Ed Marketplace

by John Lawlor // January 2017
The Lawlor Group and RHB recently completed their collaborative survey of independent college presidents throughout the country and shared an executive summary of the findings at the CIC Presidents Institute (#2017PI) earlier this month.

Risk-taking and truth-telling: Take-aways from the 2017 CIC Presidents Insitute

by Rick Bailey // January 10, 2017
This year's CIC Presidents Institute's concluding session featured a panel of presidents who demonstrated leadership in a time of significant transformation on their campuses.

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